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Guitar's Serenade and other stuff.

I often forget I have an account here, and thus I never update. (Sorry about that guys! I don't do it purposely) 

Anyway, I'm back doing that fandubbing thing, so that's something (I think..)

So, I covered "Guitar's Serenade" from Apollo Justice Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban 4) and I'm pretty proud of it.

gotta be my best work yet =D


I really need to use LJ more ho~hum
Sorry I like ABANDONED you guys, didn't mean to, honestly.

Anywayyyy why does it seem I really only do social networking stuff from apps? It's weird to think about..

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[LYRICS] Don't Mylist Me! [Kagamine Rin]

 Been like..forever since I last posted something on this site.
Have some new lyrics =)

Don't Mylist Me! - Kagamine Rin

The words that I have long thought about
True words unlocking my deepest feelings
The song that I have written just for him..
So just what are you punks so happy about?!
your words of What the Fuck begin to line up on my screen
And yet the only sound I hear is the panting of sick dogs.
And when I try to imagine the horrid little sound
of all your damn mouse clicks
It just makes me want to scream!

So I'm begging you please!
Just don't Mylist Me!
"Temporary single click?"
Can you just
I'm not the kind of girl, you can pick up on the streets
So just what's that sparkle shining image thing mean?
You best not make fun of me!

A cold cruel congratulations flies by me
And the numbers just keep on climbing higher
And against my better judgement calls.
My anger continues to boil over
The next thing that I know is I am encased in a gold frame
And the sounds of false rumors keep buzzing in my ears
Attempting to destroy my sweet maiden image that I made
While those creepy grinning fools, just keep closing in on me!

So I'm begging you please!
Stop staring like that at me!
"Temporary Time out!" 
can you KNOCK IT OFF!
I'm not really a cheap girl, you can buy in a store
and just 'cause you're using points
doesn't mean I'll give you anything at all

I'm here begging you please!
Just Don't Mylist me!
"Temporary single click"
Will you just STOP IT PLEASE!
I'm not the kind of girl, you can pick up on the streets
What's that sparkle shining image mean?
you best not make fun of me
I will not give a single thing
Well...maybe not for now.

Ah! No way! Please don't do it! Please don't do it!

K-ON! Cagayake! Girls [LYRICS]

I've come back with more lyrics for you all.



Song title: Cagayake! Girls - K-on! OP

Artist: Aki Toyosaki, Yoko Hikasa, Satomi Sato, & Minako Kotobuki



Chatting now!
It is really noisy, never ending girl's talk
I can never wait for that last bell to ring
even when running late, skipping is a NO NO NO
We'll be sure to study after school

Doki Doki my heart beats quickly
Full throttle thoughts running in mind
So wrap up all your hopes and dreams,as  tight as you can with ribbon

We'll gather lots of information
and put it in this new type version
We have photo albums without guys, and love diary for only our eyes

If we cut our skirts a bit, I know that we can fly
further then yesterday,Reach a higher octave then before!

Jumping now
It is a beautiful - never ending girl's life
We're looking forward to playing our song for you
even if we get up early, crashing is a no no no

Shout out with all your might!

It is a splendid, never ending girls' song
An afternoon tea time is always perfect
Unrequited love will soon see defeat  here we go! Let's sing a song for you after school




Bah, I'm so bored. But anywayyy: I'm working on writing a story - It's about a group of friends in their late teens that want to make it big as a band, however they lack skill, talent and only have basic knowledge on how to achieve their goals. I already know how I'm going to end it and it's not exactly a happy ending.

With that said - would anyone be intrested in turning said story into a comic or something? and should I post it here as I work on it? (like chapter by chapter kinda thing?) 

[If it's not obvious, I'm only posting for the sake of posting]


More lyrics coming soon, I'm working on Cageyake! GIRLS from K-ON! And I know there are already a billion different dubs of it out there so mine can be added to the pile too, ok???


~Demi OUT!~


[FANDUB] Super Driver

Remember those lyrics I posted? well here's the video.

comments and constructive crit. welcome'd



Super Driver [LYRICS]

I figured I might as well post the lyrics to my next fandub project.


If ya got any feedback, constructive comments that'd be super.



title:Super Driver

anime: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuustu

Original Artist: Aya Hirano


Day by day I'm sick of it all

So I should just be able to refuse anything I want

Oh my boy, you gotta make up your own mind, I just can't deal with all the lies in such a world

Maybe I have found my sense
But it's always on my mind
Do away with the old ways, It's all up to me now on

Super driver just dive in and advance forward and keep going on

Fly past the tiny dreams
(Don't you stop me)

A great victory means you'll be glad no matter what

(Get back to wild)1
Forget about reviews, let's advance on

Never done this or that before, gotta do things my own way

I have no experience doing that, so let's just do it now

Never done this or that before, let's  try it now

I have no experience, do ya got a problem with that?



Karaoke track here:






So a friend of a friend of mine was caught being an art thief, and  the crime had been going on for years, on a number of different accounts on a number of different sites. Not only that but the thief seems to have been trying to BE the original artist..x-artappreciator-x.deviantart.com/journal/25064490/

It makes me a little sick to see/hear about this sort of thing happening, and then I start to wonder if there really are any good people left in the world.


Meh, I'm probably just over thinking again ^^;